ARPwave Changes The Way You Feel

All injury is caused by the body's inability to absorb force. If your muscles are not neurologically "firing properly" and out of balance, this can cause an electrical disconnect in that muscle which leads to inflammation. The eventual build-up of scar tissue and ultimately transferring this force into areas of the body that were never meant to absorb this force; your knee, back, hips, joints, tendons and ligaments, create pain.

ARPwave Neuro Therapy relieves the pain and reverses the muscular damage through a series of treatments customized to the type of injury or chronic pain issue our patients' experience. Our chiropractic team is so excited to have the ARPwave technology at our practice. We are helping our patients every day by transforming their mobility and ultimately changing the way they live.


In today's medicine, knee, hip, back, neck injuries have always been treated where the problem ended up; not where it originated from. The origin of the problem left untreated, can result in physiological symptoms that continue to appear over and over again.


In most cases, prescription drugs, rehab, or surgery are tried by patients for chronic pain conditions with little or no relief.



The ARPwave System enables us to eliminate injury and pain sixty to ninety percent faster than traditional therapy by treating the origination of the symptom in a non-invasive way - permanently.


It's Unbelievable Technology.